To use HinetPy, you need:

  • Python >= 3.7

  • win32tools provided by NIED Hi-net (see below for install instructions)

  • a Hi-net account (register on Hi-net website to get your user name and password)

Install HinetPy

To install the latest release/stable version:

pip install HinetPy

Or install the developing/unstable version:

git clone
cd HinetPy
python install

If you want to uninstall HinetPy, just run:

pip uninstall HinetPy

Build win32tools

win32tools is a collection of tools provided by NIED Hi-net to process win32 format data. HinetPy needs the catwin32 and win2sac_32 commands to process the win32 data.

Run the following commands to build win32tools:

tar -xvf win32tools.tar.gz
cd win32tools/

For macOS users, the above command may fail with an fatal error like this:

s4read_data.c:3:13: fatal error: 'malloc.h' file not found
#include    <malloc.h>
1 error generated.
make[1]: *** [s4read_data.o] Error 1

In this case, you should change #include <malloc.h> to #include <stdlib.h> at line 3 of win2sac.src/s4read_data.c.

After successfully building win32tools, you need to make sure that catwin32 and win2sac_32 are in your PATH. You can simply run the following command to copy the two commands into your HOME’s bin directory:

cp catwin32.src/catwin32 win2sac.src/win2sac_32 $HOME/bin/